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迪士尼經典角色Vin-Blop系列人偶  Disney Classic Vin-Blop Series Figure

迪士尼經典角色Vin-Blop系列人偶  Disney Classic Vin-Blop Series Figure

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Blop Blop系列之後,Soap Studio推出全新經典Vin-Blop系列。慨念來自經典(Vintage)加搪膠工藝(Vinyl),配上延續Blop Blop系列角色造型的設計,圓滾滾的外觀,糖果般繽紛的印象色,再加上經典標誌性的表情,讓您一眼就能穿越回第一次和他們相遇的場景。


Every Disney classic character carries the unique charm of our childhood happiness and their smiles possess a healing power that touches hearts.

Following the Blop Blop series, Soap Studio is releasing the all-new Vin-Blop series. The name is a blend of "Vintage" and "Vinyl," showcasing the classic charm along with the vinyl craftsmanship. With designs inspired by the iconic Blop Blop series characters, the products feature a round and vibrant appearance, candy-colored impressions, and the signature expressions that instantly transport you back to the first time you met them.

This blind box series includes 8 classic designs and 1 hidden design. The classic versions include Mickey, Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Pinocchio, and Dumbo. The hidden version is a special Disney character which waiting for you to discover! The product is crafted with high-quality vinyl material and production skills, to bring you a delicate appearance design with light-textured feature. Let’s collect all styles to have an exclusive joyful moment with them!

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迪士尼經典角色Vin-Blop系列人偶  Disney Classic Vin-Blop Series Figure
迪士尼經典角色Vin-Blop系列人偶  Disney Classic Vin-Blop Series FigureDY813
迪士尼經典角色Vin-Blop系列人偶  Disney Classic Vin-Blop Series FigureDY813
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