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迪士尼小飛象款Blop Blop系列人偶 Blop Blop Series Figure Dumbo

迪士尼小飛象款Blop Blop系列人偶 Blop Blop Series Figure Dumbo

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Soap Studio推出全新系列產品 - Blop Blop系列人偶。 該系列的設計靈感來自能夠塑造成千變萬化形態的泡泡所代表的“Blop Blop”聲,同時也代表著產品生產脫模過程中發出的清脆治癒聲音。 產品融入了擁有無限可塑性的透明泡泡概念,“Blop”一聲便能創造出形態不同、各具特色的有趣角色,為玩家帶來耳目一新的全新視覺享受和趣味體驗。

Blop Blop系列人偶有著角色專屬編號,由幸運兔奧斯華以編號000為首,率領一系列迪士尼夥伴加入Blop Blop系列大家族。

產品採用高質量透明搪膠工藝,整體外觀通透有質感,每款角色的身體裏含有對應印象色的可愛毛球。10-14cm高的大小正好可以捧在手心裏,輕輕晃動,內部的毛球會來回滾動。玩家可以將心儀的迪士尼夥伴隨身攜帶或放置在任意想裝飾的地方,幸福感Level up


Soap Studio is releasing a brand new figure collection called Blop Blop Series and this series is inspired by the sound of floating bubble in variform "Blop Blop" while such sound is also arose during the demolding process coincidentally.  The product is integrated with the nature of bubble and turns itself into a different and unique form after the sound of “Blop” during demolding, delivering you a refreshment and visual enjoyment. .

The Blop Blop Series figures are each assigned with a serial number. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit becomes the lead of the Disney companions of the Blop Blop series with serial number 000. 

The figures are crafted by using high-quality transparent vinyl material, creating a sense of transparency and textured appearance. Each character's body is stuffed by little adorable furballs with their own distinctive color. With a height of 10-14cm, they fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and the furballs will be rolling back and forth when you shake it gently. Fans can always bring their favorite Disney partners along or to place them anywhere for showcasing, elevating their happiness level!

Dumbo flaps his iconic big ears, and his unique scarf and yellow hat makes him look innocent and playful.

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迪士尼小飛象款Blop Blop系列人偶 Blop Blop Series Figure Dumbo
迪士尼小飛象款Blop Blop系列人偶 Blop Blop Series Figure DumboDY093
迪士尼小飛象款Blop Blop系列人偶 Blop Blop Series Figure DumboDY093
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