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樂一通- 崔弟可動毛絨公仔(哞哞版)Looney Tunes - Plush Tweety Figure (Moo-moo Ver.)

樂一通- 崔弟可動毛絨公仔(哞哞版)Looney Tunes - Plush Tweety Figure (Moo-moo Ver.)

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調皮的崔弟又換新裝啦,這次他加入Soap Studio Figure Plush系列家族,換上了哞哞牛套裝,戴上可愛的小鈴鐺,真是神氣十足!



並且 崔弟可動毛絨公仔(哞哞版)延續了Figure Plush系列的特點,在毛絨公仔身體內安置骨架,讓公仔四肢可以活動,擺出各種造型。取下哞哞牛頭套後,就會看見崔弟本尊啦!每款公仔附贈收藏證書(帶有展示架),還有更多新奇玩法等你解鎖。

FIgure Plush系列産品】

Soap Studio開發的大熱玩具系列 Figure Plush,完美結合毛絨公仔、可動人偶和搪膠玩具三種類型玩具。

與普通的毛絨公仔不同,Figure Plush 系列毛絨公仔內置骨架,其腰部和四肢具有一定的可動幅度,因此公仔可自由地擺出各種不同的動作造型,兼具毛絨公仔的可愛外觀與可動人偶多造型的可玩性。



為防仿冒商品,Soap Studio採用先進的NFC産品認證技術,簡單的步驟幫你輕松識別所購産品真僞:

1. Apple StoreGoogle Play下載“RS System”應用程式。

2. 從菜單中選擇“Soap Studio產品防偽認證

3. 將手機擺放在產品指定的地方上。

4. 如果檢測到標籤,將顯示出產品資訊。

Tweety got some brand new outfits! And now he joins Soap Studio's Figure Plush family with cow suits and cute little bells.

We take design inspiration from various kinds of cattle and bring you four different and cute plush cow figures.

Highland Cow, Dairy Cow, Rhino and Pink Dairy Cow, come and try to draw your favorite cow. The odds of the blind boxes are Highland Cow(60%), Dairy Cow(19%), Rhino(19%), and the rare one--Pink Dairy Cow is 2% only!

And Plush Tweety Figure (Moo-moo Ver.) keeps the features of the Figure Plush series: a huge range of poseable versatility and each figure comes with a limited certificate and a miniature easel for display. Moreover, after taking off the cow head mask, you will see Tweety's adorable face!

Figure Plush Series

The original and popular toy series from Soap Studio combining Plush dolls with vinyl toys and action figures.

Different from normal plush dolls, there is a built-in skeleton inside the doll of Figure Plush Series, so its waist and limbs are movable and the doll has a huge range of poseable versatility! You can make it act in any pose as you want. This product is featured with the adorable appearance of a plush doll and the high playability of an action figure.

And the hook-and-loop fasteners on the plush doll's head make it easier to be taken off. When you do so, the vinyl toy's head can be displayed.

NFC Product Authentication

To combat counterfeit goods, Soap Studio uses advanced NFC product authentication technology to help you easily identify the authenticity of your purchases in several simple steps

1. Download “RS System” App from Apple Store or Google Play.

2. Select "Soap Studio Product Authentication" from the menu.

3. Place your phone over the designated part of the product.

4. If tag is detected, product information and authentication will be shown.

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樂一通- 崔弟可動毛絨公仔(哞哞版)Looney Tunes - Plush Tweety Figure (Moo-moo Ver.)
樂一通- 崔弟可動毛絨公仔(哞哞版)Looney Tunes - Plush Tweety Figure (Moo-moo Ver.)CA141
樂一通- 崔弟可動毛絨公仔(哞哞版)Looney Tunes - Plush Tweety Figure (Moo-moo Ver.)CA141
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