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SH800 小燦金屬徽章座 Sho-Chan Standing Magnetic Badge

SH800 小燦金屬徽章座 Sho-Chan Standing Magnetic Badge

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Stand Mag Series的金屬徽章產品上加入特別配件,下方剪裁部份向下掀起,便成為產品的底座,讓產品有磁貼功能外更可平穩地屹立在所有平面上,令產品變成一款精緻小擺設。同時,徽章在背面設有可分開磁貼,讓您在不弄破心愛的布製或皮製類用品和衣服上也可輕鬆地掛上徽章。另外,它也能隨意吸附在任何金屬製家居用品表面包括雪櫃或儲存櫃等,為每個角落增添色彩。

今次Soap StudioStand Mag系列中推出了全新的一員:小燦金屬徽章座。

小燦是一個來自貼圖創作的角色,有著不同的表情和個性。這次Stand Mag以小燦的角色為靈感,以金屬磁貼方式,將我們日常常用的貼圖,變成一件極具收藏價值的産品。這款金屬徽章座共有9款常規款,還有1款隱藏的驚喜。每一款都有著小燦活潑、鬼馬的特點,讓你的徽章展示更加生動有趣。


產品尺寸: 約60mmH x 60mmW

The series represents different product features. When you unfold the die-cut part underneath, it will transform into a standing base and the product can be stood up on any flat surface as being an ornament. There is also a detachable magnets built on the back of the product and you can attach it on any fabric or leather, without impalement. On top of these, you can also hang this little adorable magnet on any metal surfaces including fridges or cabinets.

We are happy to introduce our new member to Soap Studio's Stand Mag series: the Sho-Chan Metal Badge Stand. Sho-Chan is a character created from stickers, featuring various expressions and personalities. Drawing inspiration from Sho-Chan, the Stand Mag series turns our everyday stickers into highly collectible products using metal and magnets. The Sho-Chan Metal Badge Stand consists of nine regular designs and one hidden surprise design. Each design captures the lively and mischievous characteristics of Sho-Chan, making your badge display more vibrant and entertaining.

You can hang it on the wall or place it on a desk to showcase Sho-Chan in a three-dimensional form. Its design is simple yet exquisite, allowing it to effortlessly blend into different settings and styles.

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SH800 小燦金屬徽章座 Sho-Chan Standing Magnetic Badge
SH800 小燦金屬徽章座 Sho-Chan Standing Magnetic BadgeSH800
SH800 小燦金屬徽章座 Sho-Chan Standing Magnetic BadgeSH800
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